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Dutch Canuck Landscaping was started by owner/

operator Dan Ebeyer in the spring of 2008. As

the landscaping business and his passion for the

horticultural industry grew, he registered the

name Dutch Canuck Landscaping in 2010.

Today Dutch Canuck Landscaping employs 3 full-time employees along with Dan and prides their success to date with more than 50 continual clients.

Dutch Canuck Landscaping is fully insured and has an extensive network of free-lance trade’s people to help offer convenient, quality services of any nature.


Dutch Canuck Landscaping is a small business and growing. Dan strongly believes that Dutch Canuck is a referral based business. The quality of work, dedication, commitment to satisfaction and strong rapport with clients have been the keys to Dutch Canucks success.  clients have been the keys to Dutch Canucks success.